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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 1974 and is the founding Department of the University of Jaffna. It was also the first Department in Sri Lanka to offer a Statistics Honours Degree. The University is the main centre of Higher Education in Northern Sri Lanka, dedicated to promoting Education and Culture in the Tamil speaking Community. The current population of undergraduate students is about 5900, and that of postgraduate students is about 400. The University receives the services of nearly 650 academic staff and 500 non-academic staff. To find out more about the University of Jaffna, visit the University home-page.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is the largest department in both the Faculty of Science and the University of Jaffna and conducts academic programme in three subjects: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Approximately 470 students are registered with the Faculty of Science, of which around 330 undertake some studies in at least one of the three subjects offered by the Department (many study two or three). Of these approximately 15 students in each year are selected (at the end of level 2) to study for an Honours Degree programme in Mathematics or Statistics.

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Research Seminars 01 Thu , Dec , 2016

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Research Talk 01 Thu , Dec , 2016

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Improving the Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate EducationQuality Enhancement Fund

In November 2005 the Faculty of Science was awarded a significant Quality Enhancement Fund (QEF) grant as part of the World Bank funded Improving the Relevance and Quality of Undergraduate Education (IRQUE) scheme in Sri Lanka.Under this grant, International Consultancy for curriculum revision was obtained from Dr. David Schely, Mathematical Biology Group, Division of Epidemiology, Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright Laboratory , U.K. for Mathematics and Dr. Hasan Al-Madfai, Senior Lecturer .

Department Library

The Department has recently established a departmental library, for use by staff and honours degree students. This was made possible through donation from and/or the assistance of the following organisations The Department wishes to express its thanks to the staff and members of these organisations for their generosity a Computer Laboratory consisting 29 computers was created and 1M and 2M lecture halls were renovated and updated as multimedia theatres. Excellent teaching materials were also procured under this grant..